New Products - Picard's Chip Nuts

Introducing a new addition to TreatsForUs: Picard’s Chip Nuts – A Canadian favourite since 1991!


The Picard Story

Jim Picard Sr. is a Canadian original. He's the one and only pioneer of peanut farming in Canada. When Jim Picard Sr. launched Picard Peanuts Ltd. with his son, Jim Jr. at his side, it began a family-oriented business dedicated to producing top-quality, Ontario-grown peanuts that go straight from the Picard family farm to your family's snack bowl. From that humble beginning in 1979, the Picard family grew and so did the family business.


The story of the invention of the Incredible Chip Nut

Another visit to Georgia gives Jim Sr. the idea for combining two all-time great snack foods - potato chips and peanuts - into what would become a Picard's original favourite: The world-famous Chip Nut.

Turning a good idea into a good product isn't always easy, or fast – especially when you're a stickler for quality. After an incredible 500 test batches, and two years of tweaking the formula to perfection, Chip Nuts make their debut. They are an instant hit and a Picard's bestseller ever since.


Picard’s Chip Nuts at TreatsForUs

Picard’s chips nuts are now available at TreatsForUs in three flavours:

Original Salted, Salt & Vinegar and BBQ.


You can also get them with our newly launched Salty and Nutty Pack!

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