Happy Canada Day!

Having lived in and visited over 30 countries in my lifetime I consider myself to be
one of the lucky ones who now calls Canada home! Canada is a beautiful, safe,
rich, bountiful and multi-cultural country. Is it perfect, no, however there are
billions of people who are nowhere near as lucky as we are. Love those around
you, treat others like you would want to be treated.

We have been fortunate to have pivoted our business to allow you to treat
someone. We have sent out treat packages to so many people and feel free to do
the same:

We have Treated:

  • Employees: at accounting, investment, car leasing and drug companies
  • Clients: for investment and car leasing firms
  • Teachers & Graduates from Grade 8
  • Friends & Neighbors
  • Birthdays, Father’s and Mother’s Day & other special occasions
  • Social distancing street parties.

When I make these deliveries, I can see how much these small treats bring joy to
those that receive them. Canada Day is a day to enjoy and to reflect on how lucky
we are.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and love and support those closest to you.

#TreatsForUs #HappyCanadaDay

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