New Products: TreatsForUs Original Gourmet Popcorns

We take our popcorn very seriously and after scouring the world, we sourced many interesting flavours. After weeks of popping, mixing, cooking and taste test after taste test we created 4 new gourmet popcorn varieties.

Introducing out of this world gourmet popcorn flavours – Jazzy Vegan, Zesty Taco, Creamy Graham and Cinnamon Sugar


Jazzy Vegan – Would you believe the main ingredient in our Jazzy Vegan popcorn is Nutritional Yeast, with hints of sweet paprika, vinegar and garlic powder? While some of the ingredients might sound “different” this popcorn variety tastes more like cheddar cheese and it is one of the most popular flavours in the market. Our expectations on this one is ….. “try it you will like it”

Zesty Taco – How adventuresome are you? Our Zesty Taco popcorn is made with a mixture of 9 ingredients resulting in a unique complex flavour profile. Imagine a little spice with lots of Taco flavours sure to be enjoyed by many.

Cinnamon Sugar – Ever wonder why you can find this magical combination in many food variants such as pastries and of course cereal? Because it tastes great! Now you can enjoy this popular and classic flavor with the texture and flavour of popcorn

Creamy Graham – With just 3 ingredients this is one of our favourites. One of our team-mates kept going back to the bag and eating more and more. It delivers the flavour profile of a graham cracker yet in a popcorn format. You may want to hide these as they will be fast to go.


Now available only from TreatsForUs either each on its own or part of our newly created Ultimate Popcorn Pack.

Enjoy and let us know which was your favourite!

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