Introducing the Ultimate Popcorn Pack and Salty and Nutty Pack

With our new products we are also launching two new Family Fun Night packs!

Ready for a cocktail party or a fun family get together, or want to have a fun tasting event? we have you covered.


Introducing the Ultimate Popcorn Pack

If it’s popcorn you love this is the one for you. We have combined 2 movie style popcorn bags with a bag of Caramel and a bag of Apple Pie popcorn. We have also included our 4 new original gourmet flavours of Jazzy Vegan, Zesty Taco, Creamy Graham and Cinnamon Sugar. Enjoy!

If you prefer salt to sweet or maybe you are not a big fan of gummies, well we got a new pack for you….


Introducing the Salty and Nutty Pack

We have included 2 bags of our new Picard’s Chip Nuts in this combo pack, along with 2 Nacho and Cheese combo packs and 2 Movie style popcorn. All together a clear crowd favourite. To make things more interesting we can pick your Chip Nut Flavours or you can!


Stick with our traditional items or enjoy these new ones TreatsForUs has you and your friends covered. Enjoy!

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